Preserving The Beauty of Your Pearl Jewelry

It is a known fact that pearl jewelry are normally considered an extremely valuable item in any individual’s possession. This is why it is extremely important that individuals who own pearls, know how to maintain the condition of their pearl jewelry, so as to ensure that their pearls have the longest lifespan possible, and stay as pristine and beautiful as possible. Experienced pearl owners will know that maintaining the glow of pearls can be difficult but possible, with the few tips listed below.

One of the most basic methods you can employ to keep your pearl jewelry in the best condition possible is to clean them after you wear them. All you need to do is to take a cloth and soak it in warm soap water, and then proceed to wipe your pearls gently. This is especially important if you have been wearing your pearls for several hours, as dirt and sweat can build up between the pearls

Due to the fact that pearls are organic by nature, it is of utmost importance that you keep them far away from any type of chemicals. At times, the body lotions and cosmetics that one might be using can effectively harm the luster of a pearl, which is why you should always wear your pearls after applying whatever lotions or cosmetics necessary. You should also try as best as possible, to ensure that no build up of chemicals occur between the pearls, as it can harm their brilliance severely.

If you need to store your pearl jewelry, you should always remember to store them in a silk pouch, which is normally provided by the pearl jeweler. These pouches allow for airflow, and will benefit your pearls in the long run, compared to any other type of plastic container.

Also, if you intend to store the pearls for a prolonged period of time, you should keep in mind not to store them with other jewelry or sharp objects. This is very important, as pearls can get scratched very easily, which is why they should always be stored alone, well protected and away from any sharp object.

Pearls can also get affect by high temperatures, which is why you should always keep them at room temperature, or in a cool place. When exposed to prolonged periods of heat, pearls tend to dull, which is why you should always avoid keeping them near any electrical appliance, such as a television set or a room heater. This is due to the fact that the nature habitat of pearls is the sea, where the temperature is constantly cool.

Lastly, you should also restring your pearls once a year, or once in two years. This is because pearls that are worn often and consistently, will have their string or nylon cord weaken over a period of time, leaving them vulnerable to any sort of accidental shock it might experience, resulting in breakage.

With these few points in mind, you should be able to keep your pearls in a satisfactory condition, giving you pearl jewelry that lasts a lifetime.

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