The 3 Stone Diamond Engagement Ring

An engagement ring is the ultimate symbol of love that professes a mans undying devotion and commitment offered to the woman of his dreams. There different types of stones, cuts and designs for an engagement ring, but what better way to express love than giving not one but a 3 stone diamond engagement ring.

The 3 stone diamond engagement ring is also known as a trilogy or sometimes referred to as trinity rings.

Most people regard giving the 3 stone diamond engagement ring as a symbol of past, present and future relationship of sweethearts. That is why this ring is very popular as engagement rings and even popular a choice for anniversary rings.

The 3 stone diamond engagement rings is composed of three diamond stones usually of the same size the middle stone may be a bit larger. But you have to have a keen eye not to mistake a 3 stone diamond engagement ring for a solitaire diamond with small diamond stones designs on each side.

Having these three diamond stones in one ring is good enough design but you can always choose to have little gems or stones accentuate each ring. Filigree embellishments are sometimes preferred by woman to highlight each ring.

The most common shape and size for this ring design is the princess or round cut. The design and setting of the stone in the middle may be slightly elevated since it will be a bit bigger than the two diamonds on either end.

The price of a 3 stone diamond engagement ring is more expensive than ordinary diamond solitaires because usually they are heavier in carat weight. The cost will also depend on the cut, clarity, color and the weight of the diamond as well.

Singer Madonna is one proud owner of a five carat, 3 stone diamond engagement ring that has bet set in bezel.

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