Big And Tall Men – How To Buy A Suit That Fits

by Victor Santerino

Big and tall men wear suits just like other men, so why is it so much harder for them to find suits? The fact of the matter is that big and tall men have just as many options for suit wearing as other men, they just need to do a little more research.

I wrote this article to let larger men in on the secret to buying a suit that fits properly. The key to wearing a suit for any man is to find something that accentuates the positive attributes and eliminates the negative ones; this article will teach you how to do this.

The three most prominent suit styles are the American, British, and Italian styles. These styles are all dramatically different and easy to spot. However, the big man needs to know how to alter each of these styles in different ways to make them work for him.

Italian style suits are double breasted and vent-less. These types of suits generally have larger lapels and can make a bigger man look even thicker. However, with a few modifications this suit can look really nice on a big man.

Italian style suits will look great on a large man, but only after it is made more streamlined. Take the lapels and make them thinner than you would find on your average Italian suit. Following this add a vent to the back to add to mobility and let the double breasted front hide any unsightly stomach fat.

British suits come in three button models and have two vents on the back. Shoulders are broad and thick with padding with average sized lapels cutting through the chest. The pants are pleated and cuffed in traditional English fashion.

This model will hide the stomach better than the American style suit but not as good as the Italian style. Change the shoulders to make your stomach look about 6 inches different than your chest size.

American suits have two buttons and a single vent at the rear. Pants come in flat fronted models without pleats. Lapels come in both average and thin models.

This suit is great for larger men with muscular builds. Wear this suit to show off large pectorals and broad shoulders. The flat front pants will enhance the muscular look and the lack of cuffs will make you look a bit taller.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Study the tips you have read and see if you can alter any of the suits in your closet.

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