Can You Really Buy A Designer Bag At A Discount?

There is no such thing as a designer handbag at an affordable price for the average woman. Such bags are the sole possessions of members of the filthy rich, the jet set, the privileged few, yes? You will not find such bags at a Wal-Mart sale.

Maybe not at a Wal-Mart, sale or no, but you can find these bags at a healthy discount in other places. Read on.

See, here’s what you don’t know if you haven’t been hanging out in the wide, wonderful world of fashion lately. Designer handbags are produced by season. When a designer’s next season of bags come out, the designer sells off the bags that were from the previous season.

Hang on. Don’t hop on your Vespa and head over to the nearest Bergdorf-Goodman. Bergdorf’s won’t have these on their clearance rack – Bergdorf’s doesn’t have a clearance rack. You won’t find them at Ferragamo or Dolce Gabbana or Gucci’s either. Where you will find these gems is at outlets and online retailers that have been especially chosen to carry these bags at discounted prices. Designers will never let inferior products go out of their production houses so the bags you find at outlets and e-tailers are the real thing, considering they come with a certificate of authenticity, and they will be completely flawless with the exception of being last season’s offerings.

You will find some online retailers that have gotten independently creative and have made exclusive deals with the handbag makers, the selfsame ones that made the original bags for the design house that bears their name. These cutting edge e-tailers are shipped the bags from the handbag manufacturers as soon as the season ends. This situation is all good for you once you locate that right e-tailer, you can return season after season and take advantage of some terrific savings. Do not expect to find a specific style of bag of a specific season. A lot of buyers are onto these places and the selection is spotty and not extensive.

If you’re leery about purchasing a bag from an online retailer, since you have no way to definitively verify the authenticity of the bag until after it shows up on your doorstep and you’ve already handed over your credit card information, you can ask them to show more photos. Some retailers take photos of the bags they have in stock, including the interior and certificate of authenticity, but others use stock photos provided by the designer. Before you spend a lot of money on a handbag online, ask for them to send you more photos and proof that the bag is authentic.

Also get a refund guarantee and get it writing with the company’s logo on the top that sold it to you. You will want to return it if it does not live up to your expectations. Your credit card bank or online payment service will back you up on this if you can prove there was fraud involved in the transaction. If you are in a city with a store that sells the designer bag of the type you purchased, have them appraise it for authenticity to put your mind at rest or let you know that you must return it as a fake.

So, now that you know you can purchase authentic designer handbags in places other than physical stores and at full price on designers’ websites, are you going to buy one? Or are you going to continue plugging away, season after season, hoping you’ll get lucky and catch that next big sale at Coach? For me, being able to purchase a designer bag for 1/2 or 1/3 of its original retail price is a huge bonus, and unless you spend your days lounging among Paris’s haute couture, most people won’t know the season it was intended for retail. Have fun bargain shopping for your next amazing bag.

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