Christian Audigier Brings Tattoo Artwork to the Common T-Shirt

How many Christian Audigier T-shirts do you own? If the answer is ‘none’ then you should really start checking them out. Christian Audigier’s line of fashion is worn and enjoyed by both the general public as well as stars of stage and screen such as Mariah Carey, Mickey Rourke, Paris Hilton, Snoop Dogg, Chris Brown, Usher, Marilyn Manson, Madonna, Shakira, and Heidi Klum.

Christian Audigier has been in the fashion design business for over 20 years now and has designed clothing for tops brands such as: Diesel, Lee, Kookai, Levi’s, Liberto, and Naf Naf. Born in Southern France, Christian Audigier has always been a fan of the Rock music scene, especially the Rolling Stones. In fact, he used to want to be the next Mick Jagger. He gave up the idea and went into fashion design when he discovered he just didn’t have the voice for it.

The male line of Christian Audigier T-shirts comes in both long and short sleeve designs. They come in the typical male T-shirt style and feature a variety of different designs and colors to choose from. The artwork Christian Audigier uses for his shirts are inspired by tattoo art and feature pictures such as skulls, roses, swords, hearts, panthers, buddhas, dollar bills, eagles, the Los Angeles skyline and even grenades with wings.

If you need a little extra warmth, the long sleeve shirt line is just what you’re looking for. They feature designs of praying hands, crests, chains, and that grenade with wings among many others. Other articles of clothing in Christian Audigier’s male line include hoodies, board shorts, and shoes.

The female line of Christian Audigier T-shirts feature both long and short sleeves and come in a number of beautiful designs. These shirts feature a unique design that are slender and accent the contours of the body well. They also are unique in that they are somewhat long, reaching down to the thigh area in most designs, almost as if they were short dresses. They feature beautiful art such as fractal designs, roses, geisha girls, birds, hearts, eagles, buddhas, butterflies, and even the Virgin Mary. Designs are all done in Audigier’s signature tattoo art style. The long sleeve designs are sure to draw attention; they feature the long, dress-like design of the short sleeve variation, but feature long, form-fitting sleeves. Images include fish, flower, and heart designs, and the shirts come in pink, red, and shades of blue.

Christian Audigier T-shirts come in all different designs and aren’t meant to be picked at random. It is possible to choose the shirt that best fits your personality as there are so many to choose from. Whether it’s religious designs such as the Virgin Mary and praying hands, to designs that feature the urban lifestyle with guns and skulls, it’s easy to find just the right shirt to fit your personality. There are separate clothing lines for both men and women and each line features its own colorful designs. Whichever shirt you choose you will be sure to attract attention.

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