Clothes Advice for Us Bigger Gals

If you are a full figured woman, there is good news. The fashion choices you used to have were fairly limited. These days, that simply is not true. There is much more to choose from and here are some fashion tips to keep in mind.

Angelina Jolie once said she finally understood that men did not really like rail thin women, instead preferring curves and something real. If she feels that way, you certainly have no reason to be ashamed that you cannot fit into a size 1!

For many years, the fashion options for full figured women were poor. The goal of the outfits seemed to be to hide the curves. This led to bland, boring looks and a lot of dieting. Well, things have started to change if you follow some basic rules.

The little black cocktail dress is the ultimate. For us fuller sized women, however, black is not a good color. It deemphasizes your curves, so avoid it. If you must wear it, try to restrict it to the lower parts of your body.

Pants can be a troubling area for plus size women. It should not be. Avoid easy fit pants. Instead, look for a size that is comfortable, but go with a style that has a straight or slightly flared leg. This will take the focus away from your hips.

Simplicity is also definitely a better way to go with your outfits. Buying clothes with designs on them creates an appearance with disjointed emphasis. Whenever possible, try to go with solid looks that have minor highlights.

I realize there are many women out there who will disagree with this view. If you are one of them, try to go with graphics that match your size. If you are tall, you can go with bigger ones. If short, try to keep them smaller.

Here is the most important bit of advice I can give you. Be comfortable. Do not buy down a size thinking you will diet down to it. Accept yourself and get the correct size. If you do go down a size, it just gives you an extra opportunity to shop!

To see as wide a variety of choices as possible, do not shop at general clothing stores. Instead, shop at stores devoted to plus size fashion. A store like is an excellent online resource for plus size lingerie and bras.

Do not shy away or be embarrassed by the fact you are a plus size women. There simply is not need. You have gorgeous curves and plenty of positive aspects. Be proud and buy clothes that emphasize your good points.

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