Embroidery in Todays Gift Market

by Nicole Maschwitz

Embroidery is a special form of sewing, using different types of needles, and various colors of thread. However embroidery is not just restricted to thread; embroidery also includes stitching such things on fabrics as sequins, beads, pearls and almost anything you can think of.

Embroidery dates back long before ancient Egypt or even the ancient Chinese. Each culture has found their own way to emphasize embroidery fabric. In ancient times embroidered fabric was a sign of wealth in many countries, the more multi coloured the fabric was, usually depended on how wealthy the family was.

There are many different embroidery techniques from cross stich to surface embroidery and also free embroidery. Canvas embroidery is another aspect of the various techniques that are used.

India is very popular with the type of embroidery that they do. Aar embroidery needle is somewhat similar to a crochet needle; it is done primarily by the Muslims and is called Aari. Since religion is a main concern to Indian people, many fabrics of clothing have been embroidered in great detail and organized in various complicated ways, to form symbols and words for deities.

Every culture is inspired by floral designs, and this is also true in India. Their flare for embroidering with thread and beads is phenomenal. Almost any floral design can be seen at any time in India. The fashion looks very good on anyone who wears them. Embroidery can be done on almost everything. You can find it on many home furnishing, wall hangings, jewelry, bed sheets, handbags, and turbans. Many of the shoes made in India are elaborately embroidered with beads.

Over the years scarves and handbags have made quite an impression on modern women. With elegant beadwork and exquisite embroidered designs. Many of the handbags are embroidered in bright colours making an attractive fashion statement.

Many very pretty and detailed embroidered baby clothes have become popular. The selection of baby items is impressive both in the beauty of the designs but the great detail that has been put into each garment and baby bed sheets. You can find almost any animal in many different colors for your babies? room.

Once you discover the elegance and the unique designs that come from India, you to will want to purchase some of these items. Any embroidered product from India will certainly be a talking piece.

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