Find Out Who Wears A Head Turban

A turban is a covering that is made by winding a long piece of cloth around the head. The cloth can be worn by forming it anew every time you want to put it on, or it can be permanently sewn to shape. The covering can be quite large or it can be more modest, depending on the wearer’s culture or religion. Different groups of people wear a head turban for different reasons. These communities can be found in different parts of the world. Usually, it is the men in the community who put on this covering.

The Kurdish people wear covering known as Jamadani. It is available in red or white. The Kurds wear a covering that is wound around a conical hat. These hats have tassels which are allowed to hang down from the covering.

The coverings forms part of the national dress of the people in Afghanistan. The coverings are normally worn in a variety of styles and colors. The patterns, lengths and fabric used to make the coverings vary depending on the ethnic group wearing it. In some parts of the country, the covering is wrapped loosely and is large in size. While in other parts of the country the coverings are tied more tightly and are smaller.

In India, the covering is a sign of respect anywhere it is worn. It can be given to important guests to wear as a way of honoring them when they visit you. The color of the covering is chosen to match the occasion being attended. Pink headdresses are normally worn during wedding ceremonies or during spring. White coverings are worn by elders as a sign of peace.

Some individuals in western countries normally don the coverings. It is women who tend to wear them. Since they are not very common, you can easily stand out when you wear them. They can be worn as fashion accessories or by individuals who have medical conditions or are are experiencing hair loss.

Muslims wear the coverings as an emulation of the founder of the religion who was thought to have worn black or white covering. The coverings worn depends on the particular religious sect that one is affiliated to and their culture.

All Sikhs wear these coverings. It is a mandatory requirement in their religion. The covering is used to identity one as a Sikh, to preserve their hair and for equality purposes. Sikhs do not cut their hair so the covering helps to keep it clean and in place. Women can wear the covering if they want to. Sikh men normally decorate their coverings by inserting small weapons in them.

Some Rastafarian’s and Christians also don the coverings. The main function of the head turban for Rastafarian is to cover their hair, which is are normally in form of dreadlocks. Since Rastafarian’s do not form a large part of the population, the covering helps to easily distinguish them. Though there are instances where the coverings are mentioned in the bible, most Christians do not see it as a necessary part of their religion. Christians from the Ethiopian Orthodox church wear the coverings.

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