Funny IPhone Apps 2013 You Should Download

On days when everything seems taking the bad turn, what people would often want is to have a good laugh. Most people will immediately turn to their computers and televisions for entertainment but for those staying outdoors, such options may not be feasible. Perhaps, taking out an iPhone will do the trick. With funny iPhone apps 2013 made available, not anyone will be left crying in a corner anymore.

Although hundreds and hundreds of applications can now be downloaded by iPhone users, one that many should look out for is Pocket Alan. This application is perfect for situations when one is left with nothing else to talk about or if he cannot be bothered to spew out words. It is best for breaking up awkward silences where a surprising Aha expression can leave people chuckling.

An application that people who fancy doing prank calls would love is Funny Call. This can be really useful on special days as April Fools when fooling friends and enemies is a common thing. Whether targets are annoying pals or ex girlfriends, Funny call may help trick gullible people along with other unsuspecting ones into thinking the caller is someone else.

Most girls and some boys might love Bald, Fat and Aging Booths. These basically allow people to get a look-see of themselves as old, fat or bald. A lot of iPhone users download these apps not just to see themselves but also to see how funny their friends will look like.

Users who are kids at heart would definitely enjoy using Talking Tom Cat. For the average or the normal people though, this might not be as amusing as the other apps. Talking Tom Cat simply repeats all things that users will be saying. Whether these are shouts, raps, songs, or even words for self conversations, the cat will have no other choice but to record and repeat. Some people even go so far as say cruel things for the heck of it.

18,000 Cool Jokes is another application to look out for. The app will allow the users to gain access to lists of hilarious jokes that have been told over time. Regardless of whether users are on dates and in need of ice breakers for cracking down awkward silences or they simply are trying to have time pass by, the app can actually be helpful in a lot of ways.

People who are fond of games will surely enjoy TightWire. This is a type of game application where users will be controlling a fat guy who is trying to cross from one building to another on a rope. To keep balance and ultimately prevent the subject from falling over, careful control will be necessary. What most find hilarious in the app is how the character is clothes in suspenders and wacky shirt.

It is not unusual to meet people who talk in their sleep. For those who want to obtain evidence for the act, downloading Sleep Talk Recorder is recommended. What is great in this app is that the recordings can be uploaded and shared in various social networks.

Men who may not be that smooth with the girls will surely like iPickupLines. It is a free app that gives men lists of witty lines to be used for impressing ladies. Among the lots of funny iPhone apps 2013 available, this is one that can be really useful.

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