Great Belly Dancing Skirts

Choosing the Right Belly Dancing Skirt

Belly dancing is lots of fun and it’s also a great way to get into shape. If you have moved away from simply performing in front of friends in a class, you need a skirt. Finding the right skirt really depends on your own preferences and the type of dance you will be doing.

Any belly dancing skirt that you choose should be comfortable to wear and should allow you to move freely. One that restricts your movements will not be conducive to your performance. Instead you might find yourself making mistakes and looking awkward. Definitely something you want to avoid when belly dancing.


The material of your belly dancing skirt is very important, as it can really make your costume outstanding. Typically you can find a belly dancing skirt made from silk, velvet, satin, and chiffon. Silk and velvet skirts tend to be more expensive with satin and chiffon skirts being more affordable.

Chiffon skirts can be very sexy as their see transparent nature really highlights a woman’s body and movements. This might not be the belly dancing skirt to wear at family oriented performances. Satin and silk skirts can look very impressive and are quite elegant. Velvet skirts can be a little heavy and if you want the feeling of lightness while dancing then this might not be the belly dancing skirt for you.


There are different types of skirts and the type of skirt you choose to wear will depend on your performance and audience. Full skirts are great if your performance or routine involves a lot of twirling and turns as the skirt will swirl with you and add movement and drama to your routine.

If on the other hand you want to involve your legs and your dance involves moves that will have your body in profile then this is not the best type of belly dancing skirt for your performance. A full skirt will often leave your legs hidden, especially if you have a skirt that is not of a sheer fabric.

Skirts with slits are perfect for highlighting your legs and are very sexy. Perfect if you are entertaining adults or a male audience who would appreciate the titillation of a little leg. If you want skirts that really stand out then you should look for a belly dancing skirt that has plenty of details on the hem. A scalloped hem or a handkerchief hem are beautiful, and will definitely make a beautiful costume.

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