Great Short Hair Styles For This Year

by Erik Goheen

Deciding to have a short hairstyle can depend on many factors. It also depends on whether short hair styles suit the shape of your face, and the condition of your hair. There are some advantages and disadvantages of having short hair.

Short hair styles can help to save your time as they take less effort to wash and style. This is wonderful for those who have to be up early in the morning for the school run or to manage an early business meeting. Having short hair can make you look smart for the office or chic for a cocktail party. Shorter hair is easier to maintain and is great to manage for that family gathering or for that round of golf at the Ladies Club.

Short hair can be very versatile even though you may think that you a limited by length. You can style it, gel it and give it a wonderful fullness with volume. Short hair can accentuate your facial features and help to make you look taller. It is easier to accessorize and have those accessories noticed when you have short hair. It is also very practical and is great for keeping cool in the summer months.

As there are pros to having short hair, here are also the cons to consider. If you are already of a tall frame a short style may not suit. Some people may not wish to have their facial features exposed to such an extent as they may be a bit introverted. Having a shorter style means more regular maintenance and visits to the salon or your stylist. If a cut is not suitable then you have to wait for it to grow out before you can change your style.

A great way to ensure that you pick a cut that suits you is to look through the numerous magazines and take them to your salon appointment. There is even software available online now which you can use to create a 3D effect to see if a style will suit you.

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