How To Fit Test Quality N95 Respirators

Protective gears are necessary for healthcare workers. It is also a requirement by those people who are frequently exposed to airborne diseases. When they have protective gears such as N95 respirators, then they can get their body, specifically their lungs, protected from these disease-causing elements.

Your protective mask should be chosen meticulously. You have to pick the one that will fit well with your face. When you are making a choice, you have to make sure that it can be a proper fit to your face so that you may create a seal. This gear acting as your seal will block all of the harmful elements.

Know that this gear can be used for a single time. You have to avoid reusing the gear a second time. It will not be effective at that point. The mask you wear should be properly fit with the face for protection purposes. If it does not fit properly, then you are just wearing a decorative mask. It will not protect you and your respiratory system in any way.

Ensure that the fit is correct. To ensure your mask properly fits the face, then you should know how to put on the mask. There is a proper technique that you can follow for the fitting of your mask. It is imperative for you to learn the said technique for safety reasons. Learn how to take advantage of these techniques. Here are the simple tips you can follow for that matter.

First, you have to choose the right style and size for your mask that will provide the best fit for you. Remember that the mask will have to cover not only your nose but your mouth as well. It should rest at your chin and right over the bridge of your nose. It should leave room for your eye protection. It should also allow you to breathe and talk with ease.

The mask should be placed over the face. Adjust the straps across the back of the head if you feel that it is not tight enough. Also, crimp the mask over the bridge of the noise to ensure that there is a proper seal without any gaping. It should be easy for you to check the placement of the mask with a mirror.

If you are using this mask for the first time, the main problem you will be faced with is the difficulty of breathing. While wearing this mask, try to practice breathing. Check that the mask does not impede your air flow.

Try to conduct a proper taste threshold screening. There is a wide variety of taste threshold screening techniques that you can actually use these days. However, you better take advantage of the popular techniques. The most commonly used one is the saccharin solution. This is an easy to use solution so use it.

Prepare the saccharin solution, a nebulizer, and a hood. Use the solution on the nebulizer and form a dome over your head with a hood. If you can taste the saccharin solution even with the mask on, then the fit is not that secure. You need to work on the fit of your mask right from the very beginning.

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