How to Look Great at Any Size without a Stylist

by Tessa W. Adachi

No matter what your body type is, you probably identify with the problem of finding clothes that will flatter your particular body shape. Have you ever gone shopping and found that everything available was made for someone taller, shorter, bigger, smaller, heavier, or thinner than you? Even if you did find something that “fit,” did it feel uncomfortable nonetheless?

Truth be told, many fashion designer simply make clothes that look great on one single size, namely models. Then, they simply take that size and increase it or decrease it, but don’t change proportions. If you never find clothes that fit you just right, keep in mind that you can find a way to dress well, as long as you know a few simple tips.

When you are thinking about getting dressed up, you should think about what your favourite part of your body is. Are you someone who loves to show off well-shaped legs? Or do you have a love of showing off your bust line or a small waist?

If you find the fashions that are going to draw attention to your favorite body part, this is going to help make you look and feel great, and boost your confidence, too.

Don’t be afraid to use colour. Look for colours that go with your skin and that you really like. Don’t shy away from colours that you think might call attention to you. With confidence, you can probably wear just about any colour you might want to.

When you think about dressing to suit your body, think about where the hem is going to fall, both top and bottom. Where a hem falls will draw attention to that particular area of your body. If you have great legs, go with shorter skirts and shorts.

While if you have long, relatively thin legs, flatter them with bottoms that cut off around mid-shin. Take some time to consider what you want to emphasise before you head to the clothing store. Do this and you’ll find it so much easier to find the perfect styles for you that will look great.

At the malls and stores, stop and remember that you should worry less about concealing and more about accentuating. When you are looking for something that will “hide” a part of your body that you are less comfortable with, you’ll find that you are often relegating yourself to something that is a great deal more baggy than you might prefer. Remember that no matter what you get, it should fit you well without being baggy or tight.

In addition, it’s worth noting that slowly but surely, the fashion industry is taking note of people who are bigger than the “models” they usually focus on. Because they are focusing on us “non-fashion industry” people and our range of sizes and shapes, there are more choices for those of us who don’t possess a perfect model’s body.

Be patient when you shop and remember never to settle for “good enough.” Instead, spend your hard-earned money on something that’s going to make you both look and feel terrific.

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