Learn How To Wear A Suit – Improve Your Image Now

by Victor Santerino

Knowing how to wear a suit will immediately give a man an edge over his competitors. This can include job interviews, sales presentations, and even getting a date.

The first area one should look at when purchasing a suit is the shoulder slope. Suit shoulders should have a slight natural slope to them. The natural size and shape of your shoulders will determine how much padding the suit will need to make you look good.

Secondly a man should look at the fit around the chest and waist. The suit jacket should be about two inches larger than the chest to allow for comfortable movement and the waist should be wide enough to make the stomach look flat.

The actual style of the jacket should also be looked into. Men should wear a suit that accentuates a good body and down plays a less than fit body. Wear three button suits to hide smaller pectorals and two button suits to accentuate a more well built chest.

Pants seem to be easier to choose than the jacket, but there are a few rules a man should follow. Firstly the pants should fit around the waist without the need for a belt or pair of suspenders. The waist of a pair of suit pants can be easily taken out or in by a good tailor; never settle for anything less than perfection in this area.

Following waist measurements and fit a man needs to take a close look at how the pant legs hang. The drape of the pant legs should be loose enough to keep the legs from rubbing together but tight enough to allow for comfortable movement.

The pants should end at the shoes with a slight break. Allow for about an inch to hang down on the shoes but no more than two.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Hopefully the knowledge you gained in this article makes your next suit buying purchase a breeze.

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