Light Up Your Piano Light

Piano lamps are a great addition to the top of any piano. Lighting the playing surface with candles was the original design. The candles provided a beautiful appearance to the largest performance halls down to the beginning childhood piano lessons. The downside was the glare that the light gave off. The inconsistent light increased eyestrain. Electricity lead to the creation of the light bulb, which helped lead to the invention of the modern day piano lamp. The piano light became very popular as it could display light from several different angles increasing the overall enjoyment for the player. A piano lamp will help to complete the appearance of any room dcor, dramatically increasing the look and feel of the most limited music rooms or the largest concert halls.

There are a lot of unique and different piano light options to choose from. A lot will be determined by wants and needs of the consumer of the piano light. Choosing the right finish will also help compliment any room. When choosing a piano lamp a consumer must decide which piano light works best for them. Here are some of the style and designs that I personally like the best.

The Desk Piano Lamp works well in many situations. The desk piano lamp is adjustable at both the base and the top of the stem giving the user several different lighting configurations to choose from. With the large 14″ shade it will give the user ample glare free light on any surface. There are several different finishes that will add beauty to the room.

The choice of a LED Piano Lamp has increased due to its space saving features. LED stands for light-emitting diode. It has become very popular because of its sleek profile and energy efficiency. The LED light bulb is a lot smaller than a traditional bulb giving it the ability to be developed in slimmer, low profile design. Another added feature is that a LED piano light is more cost efficient to use and it will have the ability to last a lot longer than a traditional light bulb.

Another popular design is the Counter Balance Piano Lamp. It has become a top choice because of its rich appearance. I really like this one as it gives you all of the advantage of a desk lamp but adding a beautiful flare to any dcor. With its larger design it will gives the user multiple lighting possibilities.

One of the coolest designs that I have seen is the Polished Brass Treble Piano Lamp. The lamp has a high quality polished brass finish. This lamp will stand out in any room. The piano lamp has a very nice look with a Treble Clef on the stem of the unit. With a height of this lamp will give ample glare free light to any musical score. This unique piano light will please the music lover at heart with its attractive design. This piano lamp is definitely one of the coolest lights that I ever seen.

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