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Buying shoes is most important. Some say you only feel as good as your feet do. When your shoes fit you correctly its easy to walk greater distances without getting tired, thus giving you the ability to do more during the day, and perhaps more efficiently. The next time you are looking for a new pair of shoes take a little extra time to make sure you choose the proper shoes that fit as they should.

When you are buying shoes, you really need to make sure that they fit your feet properly. When you are putting a shoe on, your foot should slide into the shoe with ease. If you have to push and shove in order to insert your foot, you should put the shoes back on the shelf and look for a larger size. What you should never do is purchase a pair of shoes that are too tight, assuming that they will stretch over time. My feet are a size 8 but one foot is slightly larger and wider than the other. This is not unusual, in fact it is very commonplace, so while we can have our feet measured before we purchase footwear, it is generally the length of the foot that is measured, not the width of the foot. Manufacturers do produce wide fitting shoe ranges to cater to those with wide feet, but just like people, feet are individual and come in a range of varying sizes and shapes with differing widths and dimensions.

Take notice of how the shoe fits as you try it on. Does it bend where your foot bends? If not it will probably be uncomfortable, thus creating blisters. The shoe should also not move around too much at the back of your heels. Obviously there will be a little leeway with this, but for the most part your shoe should fit fairly snugly so there is little movement. A good test is when you squeeze the back of your heel – does it hold in place?

Also, importantly, the toes of your foot should not rub up against the from end of the shoe. If they do perhaps you need a half size larger. Wearing shoes like this can be the cause of all sorts of aches and pains.

While it is possible that the shoes will stretch, the amount of give is usually minimal. Meanwhile you have purchased a pair of shoes that are going to crush your feet. In addition to pinching your feet, the constant pressure your foot puts on the shoe transfers a great deal of strain as well, eventually causing the seams to burst.

Finding shoes that are both fashionable and comfortable may seem a bit like having your cake and eating it, but if you are able to select from the ranges of the better quality shoe manufacturers this does become possible. Makers such as Fly make shoes that fit both criteria.

Men and women’s trainers these days need to look “fashionable” – ensure that you apply the important fitting procedures with them as well!

Finding comfortable and fashionable shoes isn’t difficult. If you approach shopping with a reasonable degree of common sense and don’t get swept away by the first pair of shiny stiletto heels you see, you’ll be just fine.

Alan Christopher has produced a website about buying shoes online. Comfortable and fashionable footwear can be purchased over the internet – just make sure that you apply the advice here when trying shoes on. Great shoes are available online covering all the leading footwear brands.

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