Six Must Have Parenting Skills To Instill Honesty And Respect In Your Toddler

Parents of toddlers often wonder how to raise honest and respectful children. Teaching toddlers honesty and respect starts at home with parent child interactions. If you want your child to grow up respecting others and being honest you will have to provide a strong foundation of positive behavior.

If you are worried that your toddler will not grow up with these traits, you should make sure you are providing a foundation or good behavior at home. Here are six parenting skills that will help you to raise your toddler with respect and honesty.

Because parents are such an important part of your child’s life you need to model the behavior you want from your toddler. If you are respectful to your child your child will see this behavior and model it.

Likewise, being honest with your child you will also rub off on them and give them a foundation to model their own actions on. When they see you being honest they will naturally be honest as they have never been exposed to lying.

You also need the skills to identify your toddler’s feelings. Many toddlers do not have the words to express themselves and acknowledging their feelings will not only model respect but empathy as well.

Not only should you treat your child with respect and honesty to model the behavior you want, but you should also treat others in the way you would like your child to treat them. This will teach your child that everyone deserves respect and honesty.

When your child experiences disrespect either themselves or sees it happen to someone else you should deal with it in an age appropriate manner. Explain why the actions were not ok and how the situation should have been handled in a way that they can understand.

Reward your child when they act appropriately, don’t just punish them when they are bad. Children respond well to praise and positive reinforcement and it strengthens the behavior you want from them.

Parents of toddlers face many challenges as their children become independent and seek attention in both positive and negative ways. Raising honest respectful children has become harder as our culture changes but a strong foundation of positive behavior at home goes a long way in developing the behavior you want from your child. Show your child the right way to act and reward them for their positive actions and your toddler will learn respect and honesty.

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