Six Things You Should Know About Your Five Year Old

Parents of toddlers witness their children go from unsteady pre-walkers to confident children. Children grow tremendously from one year to the next and the foundation for lifelong learning is laid early during this time of growth. Five year olds have very different needs than toddlers as they begin to master the skills they have learned and understand more complex ideas.

There are some common behaviors that most five year olds share but remember no matter where your child is developmentally every child is different. Five year olds are naturally inquisitive and have a never ending appetite for knowledge. Here are six things you should know about your five year old and how to help them continue on their journey or learning.

Five year olds like to invent games and pretend, and still have very active imaginations and even imaginary friends. They will often change or make up rules as they go along and can invent very intricate scenarios to play out with their friends.

Five year olds develop deep and lasting friendships with other children and becoming “best friends” is something that is important to many children this age. Children this age may also exclude other children from play and name calling and other teasing may surface.

Even though many five year olds will begin to experiment with teasing, they also become more sensitive to feelings of others. They can empathize with others and are more likely to have their feelings hurt than younger children or become embarrassed.

Five year olds are also able to interact in larger groups and follow instructions as well as possess longer attention spans. They are better equipped to interact and cooperate in a class setting with many other students than younger children.

Five year olds have learned so much that they are often eager to show off their knowledge but become embarrassed by mistakes easily. With all their knowledge they can also be critical of others and quick to correct or offer their insight.

Most five year olds start school at this age and they are capable of remembering their full name, address and phone number. This is important information all five year olds should know when they start school.

You have watched your child grow from a tiny baby to a child with an insatiable appetite for learning. Parents of toddlers face new challenges as their children get older, learn new things, and master new skills.

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