Sixty Eight – Have a Little Fun in a Gorgeous Medieval Renaissance Costume

Let us all be honest right now and admit the fact that we, as adults, still enjoy dressing up. The possibility of being someone else for a few hours is an exciting escape for the everyday mundane. Speaking of mundane, have you ever gone to a Renaissance Fair and seen all of the people dressed in medieval and renaissance garb? I am sure that if you have, you have also wandered into the shops there that sell the clothing. Yes, they are a bit pricey. The costumes themselves, though beautiful, dictate a certain attitude that should accompany the person wearing it.

“Garb” is the official terminology used by Renaissance fans for anyone dressed in costume. Those that attend without costume are called “mundane.” If attending your first Renaissance fair, you may be taken aback by the amount of people. These fairs are known to attract loyal visitors year after year. These regular, every day people enjoy taking a few days out of the year and “spicing it up” by donning a favorite Renaissance costume or medieval costume.

The reason that so many people are driven to medieval costumes and renaissance costumes is the time that they reference. We are talking about a moment in history when radical change was taking place. Starting in the Middle Ages, or what we would term medieval, we think of knights and wizards and servant girls, Kings and Queens that, though royal, were not elegant. It was a classical society.

Clothing or garb was a signal as to your social and economic status. Medieval costumes will range from ragged to quite elaborate, depending on society member imitated. As the medieval period lead the Renaissance clothing continued to signal societal status, but in general also took on more of an elegant air.

For example, if you were to wear a wench costume or servant girl, the general attitude that goes along with those costumes medieval or renaissance is still, shall we say scandalous. If you are going more the Maid Marian look, then demure and innocent, while Robin Hood would want a fearless and brave man. Deciding to take on the role of Merlin or other wizard then evokes mystery and power and possibly darkness.

In light of this, it is no wonder that many individuals choose medieval costumes and Renaissance costumes while attending Halloween parties or Renaissance Fairs. Such clothing permit us to become apart of this important time in history. Imagine if you will being Queen for a day and if you do plan to attend a Renaissance Fair, you are strongly urged to acquire a medieval costume or renaissance costumes to get the full effect of these wonderful and imaginative events.

I do want to caution the females though. There is nothing quite like having to wear a corset. Make sure you take a deep breath before being laced up, for it will be the last deep breath you take before you are unlaced. I do not believe that women in the Renaissance Era were ever able to breathe deeply until they went to bed. This explains the tiny waist even on larger women. Have some fun, and really play the part, dress it up in a medieval costume. Edited by Svetchey Sanorols

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