Tattoo for Girl Clients: Things To Consider

by Reese Lanter

Designs for tattoo for girl clients are everywhere. Browsing through online galleries will surely give feminine designs that you may just consider having. Before you do get yourself tattooed there are some important things you should think about.

Getting the Best Design

A lot of girls ask about the most appropriate tattoo to get. If you are asking about popularity, that is easy to answer. Girls would look great in floral, tribal, fantasy and foreign character designs. Tattoos however are never about just what is popular. Each tattoo design has its own unique significance. Each tattoo represents a person’s personality and preferences. It therefore follows that what may be great for one may not be great for you. When it comes to tattoo designs, you should have the final say. Good tattoo artists however can help you make the right decisions as to placemen t and tattoo size.

Tattoo Individuality

Tattoo designs are never completely unique. That is unless your design has been specifically made for you. If however, your tattoo was taken from a gallery, you could be sharing the same design with a couple of other people. Even so, tattoos should be all about individuality and uniqueness.

You may have the same tattoo as someone else. You may even have it on a common spot like the lower back. Nonetheless, a design that is personally significant to you is still unique to you. Always remember to find meaning in a tattoo for girl design before you have it etched on your skin. This is the best way to preserve the individuality of a tattoo.

Your Life Situation

Getting a tattoo is a personal decision you have to make. You should however, always consider your situation first. It may be all well and good to have a very obvious tattoo if you just work at home or on your own business. It might be a different story though if you work in an ultra formal corporate office. Let’s face it. Even if there isn’t anything wrong with tattoos, some people still have biases against people who have tattoos. You could loose clients or the respect of your boss and colleagues with an ill-placed tattoo. Design placement and size should therefore be influenced by your professional and personal situation. There are places where you can hide tattoos like your foot or upper arm.

Following Popularity

Tattoo styles change, too. Some are specifically more popular at a particular time or decade. It may be tempting to get into the band wagon and pick a popular design. It can be anything from a cartoon character to the symbol or name of a famous pop artist. No one can say that this is entirely wrong. You should remember though that popular things and people do not stay forever. You are better off with a design that is personally important to you.

Tattoo Placement

It really is your choice where you want your tattoo. There are a couple of important placement considerations though. Aside from considering tattoo visibility, you should also consider skin quality. Females have different skins compared to males. There are certain parts that stretch, sag or develop cellulite as we age, give birth or gain weight. These areas may have to be avoided when considering tattoo placement.

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