The Best Method Of Putting Artificial Nails On Your Hands

Artificial nails allow people to get the best impression they want and confidence in their activities. If you want to have a different outlook from your hands, you no longer have to worry because fake fingernails are available in all shapes, patterns and colors. To get this special allure, you will need to carefully fix them. Here is the best method that you should follow.

You need to shop for the right fake fingernails that you intend to use. Browse the internet or even ask your friends the best ones for you to buy. You could also check the theme of the event you are planning to attend and make sure that your choice coheres with it. This will give you the special look and confidence that you need.

You should ensure that you select the fingernail kit that has all the items required to fix the fingernails. Remember to get the ones that effectively fit your fingers and that have the correct look you intend to get. You will note that they come in different patterns such as animal prints, flowers and everything from wacky to wild establishments.

Cut your natural fingernails short. Then prepare a moisturizer and dip your hands for sometime to soften your cuticles. It is important to remove any polish that was stuck of the fingers using the nail polish remover. This will help to keep your nails healthy and make your target achievable more easily.

Put each fingernail after the other until you are done with all of them. Turn the artificial finger nail to the curved side and apply half a drop of glue to it. Also do the same to your natural fingernail before bringing them together. Fix them carefully while lifting the cuticles until you are through.

If by chance you have trapped a bubble of put too much glue, you need to repeat the process for that finger. Soak the finger in an artificial fingernail remover which is prepared of acetone. Then, wash and dry the hands before repeating the process until you get the right look.

It is advisable that you then take about one to two hours before engaging in tasks that could push them out. It is important to also take great care of the artificial nails to keep the special allure for longer. Do the fixing yourself and get the best results by following these steps.

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