The Significance Of Turkish Turban

Here is some information about Turkish turban. These are head-gears worn over the head or supportive cap. They are usually wound several times over the cap or head. These head covers are known by different names such as Pagri or Dastar in Persian language. Turban wearing began long time ago as their use is recorded in ancient historical records including the Bible. Turbans have varied uses and this article highlights some of them.

Many members of given spiritual convictions wear turbans as an obligation to their faith. Religions like Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, amongst others have to some extent made turban wearing a mandatory exercise. Turbans could signify the faith of a people, courage, honor, self respect, identity, responsibility, and spirituality. These headgears can be worn to cover up long hair as a way of maintaining its cleanliness and prevent any damages.

Turbans equally stand for virtues amongst the Sikhs. Persons who have selflessly and fearlessly met their religious holiness or spirituality wear religious headgears. Moral wise, a turban signifies mind purity. Turban wearer is considered to be a protector of weak people amongst non Sikhs and Sikhs. During wars in ancient times turban wearers are easily trusted by women as they provide protection.

Messages can be conveyed through the color of the dastar. The Saffron color is typically connected with martyrdom, courage and sacrifice. Members of certain communities believe that under no given circumstances should turbans be taken off. People belonging to such group associate removing headgears with uncertainties like death. Dastar wearers do not treat an abuse of knocking off their head covers lightly. Turbans also appear in a variety of fashions.

Among Sikh men, the Double Patti is a prevalent style of turbans. The design is made of a double width turban of 6 meters that is chopped into two pieces. The pieces are latter sewn jointly to produce a width twice the original one. The biggest ever known Sikh dastar is the Men Double Patti, which has a smaller number of layers around the head.

Chand Tora Dhamala style is a warrior design meant for going to battle. This design has a crescent together with a double edged sword held by a chainmail cord for guarding the head against sharp objects. There are no preservations when it comes to styles as individuals are at liberty to come up with their own unique designs of turbans.

Security agencies of different countries tend to harass individuals with turbans because they associate them with terrorism. The confusion comes about because people fail to get used to the Sikh culture. Both private and public learning institutes are known to deny turbaned scholars admission if they do not shave and remove their headwear. Majority of employers deny their employees permission to wear dastars while at work. Prison warders also force turbaned prisoners to remove their headwear during the sentence.

When in need of elegant Turkish turbans there are several places to seek help from. The internet comes in handy as it hosts many online stores that sale their ware at affordable prices. With specifications and residence details given the importer can always be assured of getting the goods in time.

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