Tips while you buy a neck tie

A neck tie is the most essential clothing accessory that goes along with the normal shirts and pants. More often, you are confused as to how to tie a neck tie, how to purchase a good neck tie and take care of it perfectly, which knots suits you and your garment.

There are some basic things that you should remember while you obtain a neck tie:

1. You should try the neck tie and check whether it ties a knot well.

2. Material used such as polyester or silk-polyester blend.

3. The inner side of the tie have to have some stuff to give some look to the shape.

4. Other than in usual neckties that range from 52 to 58 inches, you need to order a custom tie.

5. The lining of a tie should hold its shape as high quality ties are lined with 100% wool.

6. Good quality ties are cut across the fabric which you may test by making a tie loop on your hand and whether it makes a twirl in air then it is not of a good quality.

7. Inspect the tie closely and carefully for any threads or loose ends.

8. Even if you touch a silk tie and it seems to be rough after that the silk would be of inferior quality.

Some tips you should keep in mind while you wear a neck tie:

1. You should check that the front end of your tie should be long enough accordingly that it touches your waist of paints.

2. Avoid wearing ties that are as well bright in color.

3. Its good to wear to wear darker shade ties with light shade shirts. It means the color have to not be so light that it fades with your shirt or it’s so dark that it clashes with your clothing.

4. You should have a tie knot proportional to the collar neither therefore big that it spreads the collar nor too small that it is lost in the collar.

5. If you are using a patterned tie, the color of it have to be complementary to the color of your suit and the shirt should be of secondary color.

6. While wearing a tie, its better to wear a woolen tie with a woolen suit and a silky tie having a silken shirt.

7. Tie a neck tie in front of a mirror and avoid wearing clips on the tie.

8. Keep your shirt buttoned up and collar up while you put your tie.

9. Keep the knot of your tie tight in the process of tying the neck tie.

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