Brief Information On Sun Tanning Safely

Men and women both enjoy sun tanning. During the winter months people flock to the tropics in order to spend time on the beach working on their tans. Here are a few tips on sun tanning to help you get the most out of the sun without damaging your skin.[youtube:BlZderYJjMk;[Best Self Tanning Lotion, hemp lotion, airbrush tanning products];]

One of the most important things to remember about sun tanning is to not get a sun burn. It is counter productive to your goals, it hurts, and it can lead to serious complications later. Complications include skin cancer and premature aging of the skin. Getting a burn will undo the effect you are trying to get from sun tanning.

The amount of time spent sun tanning should be spread out over several days. Never spend more than two hours at one time in the sun. It is best to start with fifteen minutes then increase time spent sun tanning slowly. If you are in a hurry or the weather is too overcast, there are tanning spa’s you can try.[I:]

Exfoliate your skin before applying your sun tanning products. Your skin will be able to hold the tan longer if you do this first. After spending a day sun tanning, use plenty of moisturizer all over your body to keep the skin from drying out. It will look smooth and show off your tanned skin.

It is highly recommended to always use a sun tanning lotion with an SPF of at least fifteen. Apply it thirty minutes before going outside to allow it to absorb into the skin. Be sure to reapply after being in the water or after activities that cause you to sweat.

The eye lids, lips, and bottom of the feet are often overlooked while sun tanning. Remember these delicate areas and either protect them with a higher number SPF or cover them completely. The soles of your feet are probably not where you want a tan but they will hurt immensely if they get a sun burn. Follow these few simple tips and have a safe and beautiful sun tanning experience.

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