Clever Hints For Sunless Tanning Results

Sunless tanning is where a solution is applied to the skin to mimic the appearance of sun tan. The technique of sunless tanning has become a standard part of many women’s cosmetic arsenal, especially since research over the last fifty years has shown how over-exposure to sunshine can have negative health effects.[youtube:46saKRK5vpc;[link:tanning lotion, free sample, ultra dark intense sunless tanner, giesee tanning lotion];]

Just soaking skin in the solution is unlikely to achieve the best results if someone is tanning at home, however. Instead, there are a few things which they can do simply to make the sunless process much more effective and satisfying.

If applying a solution to the legs, then it is best not to have shaved them beforehand, certainly not for several hours anyway. Sensitive skin can become inflamed after shaving and this is only exacerbated by the chemicals in the sunless solution. It is also a good idea to prepare the skin by exfoliating using an exfoliator which contains polyethylene as its main active ingredient.[I:]

Never spray the sunless tanning solution directly out of the bottle onto the skin, as this almost guarantees streaking. The best tool to acquire for the sunless tanning process is a small sponge paintbrush.

These are readily available from hardware stores, and are inexpensive. Anyone who is looking to make sunless tanning a regular part of their beauty routine should consider getting hold of one, not least because applying any sort of sunless solution to the back is very tricky indeed without some kind of tool to help.

If a sponge paintbrush is not available, then another good and inexpensive way of achieving a smooth finish to the tanning process is to use a wet wipe. Remove the wipe from the package and leave it to dry for a few minutes. After this, spray sunless tanning solution onto it and use it to wipe sunless solution onto the skin. Keep the wipe moist with sunless solution and do not allow it to dry, otherwise it will be self-defeating.

By following a few simple steps, anyone can get better results with their sunless tanning solution, meaning that that summer glow can be kept going even through the darkest of winter’s months.

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