Describe the Most Popular Brands of Contact Lenses

Contact lenses are no longer just an alternative to eyeglasses, in recent years contacts have become, arguably and rightfully so, the most adopted way for people to deal with vision problems. Though just as many people have vision problems, there seem to be less and less people walking the streets wearing glasses. Many people can’t afford an expensive laser operation, but still want to correct their vision problem in an indiscreet and comfortable manner, for these people one of the many available varieties of contact lenses often provides a perfect answer to their problem.

Glasses can be cumbersome for the wearer; they can be easily broken, scratched, misplaced or lost for good. Once a lens gets scratched the glasses are all but useless, and glasses can be a very expensive accessory to be replacing on a regular basis.

For something that performs virtually the exact same function as eyeglasses, contact lenses couldn’t be more different. Once the wearer gets past the initial system shock of not having a heavy and uncomfortable piece of plastic resting across the bridge of their nose, the rest of the road to seeing clearly can be much easier to deal with while using contact lenses.

If you’re getting ready to make the switch from glasses to contacts for the first time, here are some of the most popular brands that are available to choose from.


Acuvue is probably the most widely recognized, and arguably the single most popular name in contact lenses available to the public. They produce an above average grade of product that is advertised exhaustively by a large parent company in an effort to stay at the top of the game in contacts. Acuvue produces a wide variety of lenses that are competitively priced and very easy for the consumer to find.


Biomedics is another very popular brand of contact lens; they are probably the most widely recognized producer of one to two week disposable contact lenses. The beauty of this type of lens is that there is no cleaning involved. These lenses can be worn for seven to fourteen days in a row and then be disposed of for a new pair. One to two week disposable lenses may be a bit more expensive than daily wear, but the wearer incurs no extra expense for the extra care products normally associated with daily wear lenses.


Focus are makers of a wide variety of contact lenses, they have styles of daily wear, disposable and extended wear disposable to chose from and they are backed by a powerhouse parent company with an advertising campaign that almost rivals that of Acuvue.

Fresh Look

Fresh Look is a producer of high quality contact lenses, who specialize in changing the wearer’s eye color. Fresh Look makes daily wear and one to two week disposable lenses that safely alter the wearer’s appearance with a very natural looking change of eye color. Though changing eye color isn’t exactly necessary for any type of vision correction. The capability of making your eye color a fashion accessory has helped this contact lens manufacturer gain a pretty large following.

Different contact lens manufacturers lenses may fit or feel differently, they may differ in price slightly and they may be able to handle certain vision problems either a little more or a little less effectively, but for the most part each of the most popular manufacturers (like the ones listed above) all produce top quality contact lenses. By experimenting a bit with each of the top manufacturers and each of the contact lens styles, a former glasses wearer should have very little trouble in finding a very comfortable and very affordable solution to whatever their vision problem may be.

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