Don’t Forget Regularly Use Sun Tan Lotion

Finally it looks as though summer is trying to make an appearance. As usual at the first hint of sun, plenty of people will be outside trying to obtain a tan. So wherever there is sunshine, people are going to try and make the most of it, as everyone seems to feel healthier when they have a tan. Hopefully they will remember to apply a sun tan lotion.

Quite a few find that they get their sun screen mixed up with their sun tan lotion. To assist with this dilemma, you can now buy combination screens, blocks and sun tan lotion. These allow you to get a tan while protecting the body from the more harmful UV rays. The tanning process works in unison with proteins naturally produced within the body. This helps to tan, or darken, skin tones.

Remember when shopping for a combination sun tan lotion, ensure that the letters SPF are present. This is the acronym for Sun Protection Factor. A lot of folk use an SPF of 20 as a good baseline, but if the number is higher the individual will discover they are able to withstand the direct sun’s rays a lot longer.

A downside to sun worshipping is that it does tend to dry the skin. Just think to how tight your skin felt the last time you had sun burn. The sun tan lotion is specially designed to be easily absorbed by the cells in the skin. This will prevent that dry feeling, and the skin will still have its normal suppleness.

Anyone who was about in the 1980s might remember the very successful slip, slop, slap campaign. It started in Australia, and was instrumental in raising awareness to the dangers of overdoing sun worshipping. Thirty years down the line and it is still just as important to remind yourself, when out in strong sun slip a loose shirt on, slop on your sun tan lotion, and protect your head by slapping on a hat.

The warnings aren’t just for beach goers, you can catch the sun just as easily in your own backyard. There are also people like farmers and construction workers who work outside. Many wear just shorts and safety boots while they work in the scorching sun. They don’t want to tan, anyone not using a sun tan lotion will turn red. If it is too severe it can be counter productive as sun burn might mean time off of work.

Now for the good news for those who are making an effort to gain a tan. By utilising a combination sun tan lotion you’re shielded against the sun’s strength for longer. Which also means that the sun is able to work jointly with the natural melanin for longer. The melanin acts like the bodies own sun block, and in so doing causes the pigment cells in the skin to become darker.

It is just as important to administer further coatings of sun tan lotion. Numerous sun tan lotions and oils claim to be waterproof, even if you are not going in the water it is worth using these due to the body perspiring. Consequently even this type of sun tan lotion needs to be re-administered.

No one is saying to ignore the sun during the summer months. Just to use a little bit of common sense, and a good sun tan lotion. You will be tanned before you realise.

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