Find Out How To Bag An Effective Tan Accelerator

There are a lot of tanning products available but the tan accelerator has been in use for years now. A tan accelerator is made to help a person darken their skin tone with less sun exposure. They are normally made as lotions or pills. The active ingredients are psoralen and tyrosine. These are enzymes and are the same type of protein that produce skin pigment.

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When sunblock is applied, tan accelerators will not work well. Because of this, some people refuse to wear sunblock. Of course that is a bad idea due to the many risks of sun exposure. The goal of getting a great tan is not worth the risk of skin damage.

Products containing either active ingredient will definitely accelerate the tanning process. But be advised that psoralen can cause the skin to be even more sensitive to ultraviolet rays. Instead, look for a tan accelerator that has more tyrosine.

The tan accelerator can be used for indoor or outdoor tanning. Little to no sun exposure may be needed in order to achieve the color you want. A tan accelerator might sell for less than $10 and another could sell for more than $70. It just depends on the brand.

Just because a particular tan accelerator has an extremely high price tag does not men it is going to work well. Check into what some other people have said about what tan accelerator has worked best for them. Shop around for a while so that you are certain that the one you select is the one that is highest rated for safety and effectiveness.

You can opt for the lotion or the pill form of a tan accelerator. It just depends on what you desire. A lotion tan accelerator does add moisture. This is a good thing because the skin usually becomes dry when tanning.

Tan accelerator pills are usually advertised and sold as supplements so they often have added nutritional ingredients. There are even some that claim to help with weight loss. These, in particular, are said to make you tan and thin.

Know that a tan accelerator is not generally FDA approved. It is advisable that you research these kinds of products. Some customers are quite happy with their results while others may have something different to say. A 100% safe way to tan has not been created. Learn about the pros and cons of a topical or oral tan accelerator before you decide to use one.

You can find a brief summary of the reasons why you should use a tan accelerator and details about the things to keep in mind when choosing tanning lotions, now.

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