From India With Love: Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic surgery is a specialty in which doctors try to help people correct physical imperfections. The history of plastic surgery is a long and storied one. While it used to be done only under extreme circumstances, it is now done over the weekend on a whim. The impact of plastic surgery can be seen all over the world and has been undergone by millions of people.

The earliest forms of plastic surgery took place centuries ago in 2000 BC. Most cases of plastic surgery were done to correct severe abnormalities or battle injuries. If someone lost an ear or had a disfigured face, this is when they implemented plastic surgery. It was comparable to torture for the participants, so they did not take it lightly. If you wonder why it was so terrible, imagine undergoing any type of surgery without the use of general anesthesia. Now you might be able to imagine the unbelievable pain that people had to go through to get this procedure performed. Back then, no one went in for a routine tummy tuck. It was serious business and only taken on by a select few people.

Plastic surgery was first performed (as far as we know) in India, where it was eventually studied and adopted by British colonists. Dr. Joseph Constantine Carpue was one such surgeon. He lived in India for 20 years where he studied Indian plastic surgery techniques and took what he had learned with him back to the west. Dr. Carpue performed the western world’s first known plastic surgery in 1815. The techniques of plastic surgery later came to the U.S., courtesy of Dr. John Peter Mettauer, who performed the first plastic surgery in the United States in 1827, using surgical instruments of his own design.

The techniques of plastic surgery have advanced greatly since 1827 and have become increasingly common. With anesthesia being universally in use, plastic surgery has in fact become commonplace. Common procedures include lip injections, breast implants, dermabrasion, liposuction and laser surgery. There are plastic surgery procedures which can remove stretch marks, sagging, excess fat or hair – patients have a lot of options open to them today. Before going in for any surgical procedure, speak with a licensed plastic surgeon; these professionals can tell you about your options and tell you whether or not a plastic surgery procedure is best for your situation.

America now leads the world in plastic surgery technology. Even though the practice has its origins in India, the U.S. now can claim to be the leader in this field, being home to some of the world’s most experienced plastic surgeons. Chicago is perhaps the best city for plastic surgery in the U.S., having a large number of experienced professionals in this field. If you are considering any procedure which falls under the umbrella of plastic surgery, Chicago is the city you should visit. There are many talented plastic surgeons in Chicago, make some calls and explore.

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