Giesee Carries On A Lengthy Practice Of Superior Self-Tanning Options

Giesee changed its name to Sun Laboratories a few years ago, but chose to maintain its long history and tradition of manufacturing quality products while ensuring consumer satisfaction. Although industry experts in the field of beauty aids and cosmetics, they are best known for their ingenuity and advancements in the field of sunless tanning. As such, Giesee is now considered experts in the research, development, and production of products which are coveted worldwide. [youtube:GXRDr2H6lsg;[link:tanning accelerator, spray tan solution, shine sunless tanning];]

Manufactures their products in various forms in order to accommodate consumer needs. The result is a beautiful tan without exposure to the sun’s harmful rays. It is common knowledge that ultra violet radiation can cause skin cancer and other life-threatening illnesses. However, Giesee recognized this need early-on and began producing tanning products that were safer yet effective.

Giesee products have been equated with those produced in Europe. They provide a rich tan that looks natural and negates the need to be subjected to UV ray exposure. Natural ingredients that contain no dyes are mixed resulting in Giesee products that moisturize and hydrate the skin without causing irritation or blocking pores.[I:]

Giesee tanning products can be applied by airbrush, sprays, creams, gels, and lotions. There are three different components used. They are a scrub to prep the skin, moisturizers to provide hydration, and a fast working accelerator in ensure fast tanning action. The Giesee Ultra Dark Instant Tint is especially popular, as it will work on any skin type.

Another popular Giesee product is the aerosol spray. This is an easy-to-apply liquid that smoothly glides over the body without the need to massage it into the skin. This Giesee option is similar to what would be achieved in a professional spray booth and provides the same even coat that would be expected from a salon.

Giesee Aerosol tanning spray is particularly popular in this line of products. There is no need to work hard massaging it into the skin as it goes on very easily. This Giesee product has an effect similar to what one would experience in a regulated spray booth. The same even tan will be the same as that done by a professional in the field.

Giesee manufacturers such a superior product that it is used in many professional salons and tanning center. This is because the product produces a body covering that is of high quality as well as better and safer than regular tanning beds or lying in the sun. In addition to avoiding dangerous exposure, Giesee products are available at a very affordable price. This is a do-it-yourself program that provides outstanding results that are not only outstanding, but appearance enhancing as well.

Enhancing one’s appearance often begins with that sun-kissed glow that can be achieved with the right depth of tan. Fortunately, Giesee self-tanning merchandise is well-known for achieving the look desired. For many individuals, plans, preferences, and needs dictate which is the right choice. After all, there are times when all you need is the perfect bronze color that others envy to make you feel like a million bucks.

You can find more information about Giesee self tanning products and details about the benefits of using self tanners, now.

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