Gigi Beekini Shapers: Add Artistic Flair to Your Bikini Area

by Alia Jae

No longer do you have to be bored when you are shaping up the bikini line area! You can be a little creative if you dare! The Gigi Beekini Shapers give you the chance to get a little artistic and add some flair to your bikini area.

Once your bikini line is all shaved or waxed you can stencil that area! This system comes with everything you need to wax away unwanted hair and then you can add a little spice to your hairless bikini line.

The kit comes with 12 stencils like hearts, stars, arrows, lips, lighting bolts and butterfly’s. You will get one stencil pencil and instruction sheet that tells you everything you need to know in doing some creative stenciling.

If you are one of those that really likes to push things to the next level of creativity then I have another product that goes perfectly with this one! This product is called Betty Hair Color. I know the name of it really does not sound like something special. This is a dye that is made to dye pubic hair!

The kit comes with several applications and if you don’t use all of one application you can save it for a later use. It has all kinds of crazy colors like lime green and hot pink. There are of course some more neutral yet fun colors that you can choose from.

It is very easy to apply there is no mess to clean up. They have kept the whole application process very simple. There is no drippy mess or funny smells!

Now when you get the kit make sure that you don’t overlook the instructions! The instructions are very important. It will explain what the designated safe zone is and how to not go past that zone! You are supposed to do a preliminary patch test for 48 hours prior to doing and color job.

If you have sensitive skin beware of using this product. You may have an outbreak or get some kind of rash if you use this with sensitive skin. Of course don’t try to use this on your eyebrows and definitely don’t try to use this on your eyelids. If you do you might risk becoming blind! Now that I have told you all the things that cause for caution! Now go and get creative! Also, just so you know this will cost you $19.99.

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