GiGi Hair-Removal Cream for Bikini and Legs

by Alia Jae

If you would like to remove hair from your legs or bikini line and don’t want to pay too much money on a product that does that, I have a recommendation for you. Many hair-removal products can get a little pricey, and many times I end up just shaving. However, here is something that should work nicely for you. GiGi Hair Removal is only $5.95.

It will remove hair from your legs and bikini line very quickly and gently. What is helpful about this product is that it comes with a Calming Balm that you can apply as soon as you are done waxing.

Your hair can be eliminated in 5-8 minutes of using this product. The cooling agents in this product are cucumber and Aloe Vera.

Don’t just take my word for it read another testimony by Katie Lowe, “I hated the painful bikini shaving process and would always end up with itchy ingrown hairs for days. So I decided to try depilatory’s…everything I used was painful and burned until I found this product. The results only last as long as shaving but the process is easy and painless. I think it is meant to be used on the bikini line because there doesn’t seem to be enough in the 2 oz package for leg use. Make sure when you use this that you use the calming balm…it makes all the difference. I recommended this too all of my friends and now they all love it too.”

Another thing that I really like about this product is the directions that come with it! I like that that product instructions are not too long and boring and confusing. They really get straight to the point.

This is how you are supposed to use this product. First, you need to dampen your skin. With your clean finger tips apply the hair removal cream thickly without rubbing it in. After about five minutes you will want to check a small area to see if the hair is ready to be removed. If the hair does not easily come off then you will want to keep it on for another two minutes. Make sure that you don’t exceed using this product for more than eight minutes.

Now take a soft and damp clothe and wipe off. Then rinse away with warm water and pat dry. If you find that your hair has not been completely eliminated then wait another 48 hours to reapply the cream and do the process again. Lastly apply the cooling balm over the entire area, but don’t wipe it off.

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