How Come Choosing Cleverly Is Buying The Best Self Tanner

Years ago, getting a tan or even a healthy glow meant laying out in the sun for hours or visiting a tanning salon, but not when picking the best self tanner. Then research started to emerge detailing just how very harmful the sun can be to skin and people started looking for alternatives to get that lovely glow. And so the world of tanning products was born, but it quickly became apparent that they were not as great as the companies made them out to be.[youtube:l63zDTQj2E8;[Best Tanning Products, sunless, best indoor tanning lotion];]

The first few generations of these products often gave the skin a very obvious orange color, uneven coloring and hands dyed darker from the product. Even still, the products were safer and more convenient that laying outside or trekking to the tanning salon, so many people continued using them despite their downfalls. As time progressed, companies improved their formulas and the products became much better.

Self tanners are available in any forms such as lotions, sprays, towelettes, gels, and mousse. Which type is best depends on a person’s skin type, coloring, and preference. With these new products, people no longer have to wait for summer to roll around to try and get a little colors and better yet, they are much safer than the sun’s rays.[I:]

For an added touch, many tan products contain SPF, although not enough to completely prevent sun damage. Tanning products are quick to use, convenient, and relatively cheap. Color is produced either right away or after just a few short hours.

To work to their fullest, the products must be applied to clean and exfoliated skin. Dirty or dry, uneven skin, will cause the product to leave unsightly streaks. It is suggested that users exfoliate their skin in the morning then apply the tanning product at least 4 hours later, usually in the evening-which is perfect for most working and busy consumers.

Some users worry about the ingredients and chemicals found in many self tanners. However, the U. S. Government has studied the contents and has deemed them safe and harmless for repeat use. Truth be told, nothing is worse for the skin than harmful sun exposure, which is why the use of self tanning products is a much safer and worry free prospect for many.

One of the hardest things to do when picking out a self tanner is to find the right shade for your specific skin tone. Thankfully, tanning products are widely available in formulas from very light, for those with pale skin; to very deep, for those with darker skin tones just looking for something to even out the tone of their skin. Some cosmetics counters will even provide product samples to help shoppers find their shade.

There is also best self tanner specifically made for the face and hands-areas that are often overlooked with other products. These products offer a much lighter and more natural look. Sunless tanners offer a huge level of convenience and are much safer than tanning under the sun or tanning bed.

You will be happy when you find the best self tanner on the market. A spray on tan would be something for you to look for.

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