How Do Many Of The Best Self Tanning Products Do Many Of Their Job

In many areas the weather will be getting warmer soon and people will start heading out to the beach. This also means that people will be putting away the heavy winter clothes and put on shorts, sandals and bathing suits. Many will already want a tan to show off before they even have a chance to lay in the sun. This makes a person what the best self tanning products are their to get ready for summer.

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One of the most common ingredients in lotions and some creams is dihydroxyacetone, or as it is known, DHA. This substance will only affect the surface layer of the epidermis. One can use it by spraying it or rubbing it on the body.

This DHA reacts with dead skin cells to make them appear darker than they were before. The cells are dead and they will flake off the body fairly fast. This makes it so one has to reapply the lotions and sprays frequently.[I:]

There are also tanning accelerators. These normally contain certain amino acids that can be put on the skin or taken internally as a pill. This substance increases the production of melanin that controls skin color.

There is a pill based substance that will affect skin throughout the body. This substance is named canthaxanthin and was originally developed as a food coloring additive. However, when a person ingests this they will find that their skin will develop an orange and brown hue that apes the look of a tan.

Many people want to look darker when the sun starts boiling down and people hit the water. There are some best self tanning products that can help them do this. However, they still must be careful about going outside into the sunshine since these products do not generally offer protection against sunburn.

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