How Tanning Lotions Accelerate Your Tan

Tanning lotions are popular in the spa and cosmetic industry. Most facilities or spas offer an array of creams and oils to offer their clients. These products may be organic or contain synthesized ingredients, but all do pretty much the same job. [youtube:cEOxVHPr1So;[link:spray tans, airbrush suntan, best self tanners];]

Tanning lotions are hand-applied and most are intended for all-over use. Some cosmetic lines produce formulas that are safer than average for facial application. Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to have two separate products for your face and body. Some facial formulas include gentler ingredients or firming qualities.

Tanning lotions and oils are used as preparation for UV beds or booths. They are comprised of ingredients that moisturize the skin and increase the amount of melanin in the skin. This may be accomplished by increasing blood flow to the surface of the skin, or by increasing the melanin itself. This boosts the speed with which a tan sets in, as well as effects the quality of the color.[I:]

Tanning lotions created to be used indoors are always safe to use on plastic or acrylic surfaces. Since customers’ skin touches the beds for a prolonged period of time, it’s important to have safe ingredients in the lotion they use. Any cosmetics that may corrode the equipment would not be desirable for repeated use.

Many tanning lotions have a few things in common. Almost all have moisturizing features and a great scent. Some lines will have a bronzing formula, or a similar additional benefit to their use. People with sensitive skin may prefer a gentle blend, and others may want a stronger formula for faster results.

It’s vital to be sure that tanning creams or oils are not being confused with sunblock. Sunblocks are meant to protect skin from ultra violet light damage. Using it in a UV bed or booth would negate the purpose, plus may damage the plastics of the machine. Tanning lotions and oils magnify the sun’s impact on skin and so would offer zero protection from sunburn. To use them interchangeably may cause untold damage to one’s body over time.

Sunlight and the lights in ultra violet beds or booths are not exactly the same. So, it is important to have tanning lotions that are used separately in each situation. The compounds found in products that are meant to be used outdoors will not react reliably when used under concentrated lights. Tanning lotions intended for spa or salon use will not be as effective when used under the sun.

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