How To Achieve A Beautiful Bronze Using The Best Self Tanning Lotion

Coco Chanel was a fashion goddess but the most fabulous thing she gave us was the fad of the tan. Until she returned from her vacation to be photographed in all her bronzed splendor, people everywhere thought it gorgeous to be pasty. Little improves a look as well as a body flushed with sunlight, but in this era, we get the effect with the best self tanning lotion.[youtube:HPtMAFej7uc;[link:airbrush tanning, designer skin tanning lotion, best self tanning lotion];]

In an age of skin cancer, we avoid the sun. Self tan is today’s solution. You have two choices: spend a fortune on a salon treatment or conveniently and inexpensively buy the golden hue in a bottle.

If you’re a novice, using a lotion to tan can be scary. Remember those TV newsmen with their uneven, bright ocher skins. This is the look that scares us away from giving self tan a try. Fear no more: just read on.[I:]

The first consideration when choosing a product will be the smell. Bronzing lotion’s active ingredient is called dihydroxyacetone and it’s that which provides the characteristic odor. It only develops after a few hours’ contact with skin so the best way to test for it is to rub some on a small patch of arm before purchase and check it after time has passed.

Some brands have found the ideal fragrance to hide the characteristic smell of DHA. Others simply use less of the offending chemical. In the latter types, gradual layering is required to achieve the desired result.

Of prime importance is drying time. In some cases you have to waste 3 hours standing upright before you’re able to dress. Surprisingly, many lotions require this much drying time. Instead find a brand that only requires ten minutes to complete the process.

One disadvantage of a few hours’ hanging around is that the product stains fabric. You’re sure to end up with tinged couches and gowns. It’s impossible to wear lotion wet on your skin for that long without rubbing it off in places, which will give you a patchy look.

What kind of person you are will help your decision. If you’re in an eternal hurry, you’ll probably prefer a spritz bottle, which is simpler for beginners too. Creams will be the territory of the well practiced and those with time on their hands.

It’s often inappropriate to use the same tanner for both face and body. Lighter complexions shouldn’t go overboard with dark hues. Deeper complexions will see little difference if they use a product that’s too light.

Even with the perfect product, disasters can happen if your routine is wrong. Before application, use a non-alkaline soap. Give your body a good scrub with a loofah or exfoliator to prepare the canvas. Moisturize lightly all over and use a heavier moisturizer on ankles, elbows and knees, which tend to darken too much.

No damaging sunlight is necessary when seeking a golden hue. Forward preparation makes all the difference. Never forget to find the best self tanning lotion.

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