How to Get Rid of Scars Naturally

by Alia Jae

Having scars re such a bummer because it is so hard to get them to go away! I have seen some scars go away overtime, but yet I still have scar that I have had since I was ten years old. Well, I have been doing some research and have found some help in getting rid of scars.

My first “recommendation” is one that most people are familiar with and that is the use of Vitamin E. Now I am about to bash on Vitamin E just so that you will stop depending on it. The thing about Vitamin E(according to is that it has never been tested to prove that is can help scars. It has been tested to relieve inflammation after surgery or after getting some kind of wound. However, in the studies done there have been no results that Vitamin E gets those scars to go away! According to a study that has researched a set of doctors did a test on people who had just had surgery. They wanted the patients to use Vitamin E everyday for 12 weeks to see if it would help to reduce their scars. Well, 12 weeks later and 90% of the patience saw no difference. Also, the same test revealed that using Vitamin E on a fresh wound might make things worse!

Ok so now let me move on to two remedies that you can actually try yourself. The first one is Onion Extract. Onion Extract is found in many scar treatment creams that can be bought in many drugstores. However if you’re looking for something a little more potent and powerful then you want to consider talking to your doctor about getting your hands on some pure Onion Extract or a cream that has a more potent effect. Onion Extract is known to have anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. These properties help to control the formation of collagen. Now the thing about this extract is that you may not see a difference in the size of your scar, but you will get to see it lighten up a lot. With about two months of using Onion Extract you should notice that the scar is a lot more soft and faded.

My last recommendation is Topical Honey. Now this remedy has been used for centuries to help dress wounds and burns. In 2006 a study conducted by University of Waikato in New Zeland on 2,000 that had some kind of wound. They found that honey as a great anti bacterial and anti-inflammatory. However, doctors did not see as great of results in curing scars as they had hoped. However, if you use honey with other scar beating agents like aloe Vera, gotu kola, vitamin C and zinc you should have great results in just a few months.

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