How To Tan With The Sun Ultra Dark Self Tanning Lotion

A lot of tourists who wish to travel to warmer climates in the hopes of returning with a good tan are unlikely to have the money to do it in the current financial climate. Nonetheless, they are still able to get that tan with the sun ultra dark self tanning lotion. The tips that follow will provide some assistance in respect of how the product can provide you with the tan you would get overseas.

For starters, ensure that all dead skin cells have been purged off your body. You are less likely to look weird and patchy if you do not possess a skin layer that suddenly peels off. Always make sure you exfoliate before administering any product to your skin.

Take care to moisturize your skin in advance. A week or two before application of product should be sufficient. This will prevent any area of the body from being drier than any other area and give you an unevenly distributed tan after application.


Your next step is to apply the product with great thoroughness. It will be disastrous if you try to do this quickly, so be sure to take your time. You can only benefit long term from doing this the right way, so choose the right way over the quick way.

You might want to get a friend to assist you in applying the product, if you are not too uncomfortable with doing so of course. They can make sure that the process is being performed accurately. They can also make sure that you are doing this without haste.

You must allow the lotion time to dry on the skin, so you will inevitably have to wait. If you are anxious to avoid staining your clothing, you must be patient, even if this does take anything from fifteen minutes to half an hour. Indeed, throughout this procedure, patience should be your virtue.

In only one area do you want to ensure that less tan is applied: your hands. They will be saturated in product over the course of application, so you will need to regularly wash them during it. Otherwise, they will look distinctly darker and give away the nature of your tan.

In conclusion, applying the sun ultra dark self tanning lotion can be a monotonous endeavour. It cannot be stressed enough, though, that you have to be thorough and patient in this endeavour. The reasons why this is the case are outlined in the above paragraphs.

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