How To Use A Sun Self Tanning Lotion

A direct exposure to sunlight can cause a lot of damage, reason for which manufacturers have created a product that can create the same effect, with less risk. This alternative is the sun self tanning lotion. Using the sun self tanning lotion product, the risk of being affected by UVA and UVB rays will be considerable reduced. This way of obtaining a beautiful bronzed skin is not only a healthier alternative, but a rapid one as well.

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Nowadays there is a large availability of products and their quality and availability has improved over the years. Coppertone was the first manufacturer to produce a sun self tanning lotion in 1960. The product was named QT (Quick Tanning Lotion), in order to offer buyers information about its scope of use and utility. Products available now on the market can be found as bronzers, pills or self-tanners. Their majority will show results in short time, from few minutes to few hours time.

The American Academy of Dermatology has come with a study showing that a sun self tanning lotion containing dihydroxyacetone (DHA) is very efficient. This substance is acting by coloring the dead cells on the surface of the skin. But as these cells are worn away daily, it is recommended to use the sun self tanning lotion every two or three days, for a permanent result.[I:]

Today there are many products with DHA, and can be used as gels, spray or lotions. For those interested in obtaining a more intense color were created products containing tyrosine. This substance is an amino acid and it seems to be responsible for the formation and stimulation of melanin.

The most popular sun self tanning lotion is the bronzer. This works by moisturizing and powdering the skin at the same time. The big advantage is that after applied, the tan obtained can be easily removed with water. Very similar to a make-up product, the bronzer will tint the skin until this will be washed off.

In order to obtain a good result, before applying the sun self tanning lotion, the skin should be exfoliated for a few days before. A shed skin will allow the product to enter into effect faster. If the skin is prepared before with a moisturizer, this can assure a uniform color for all body areas. Not to apply the sun self tanning lotion in a steamy bathroom is also important to remember, as this can melt, causing streaks.

The application of a sun self tanning lotion should be made slowly and with attention, in order to obtain a beautiful and uniform color. For example the foam can take less time to dry, if compared with a lotion. In both cases the application should be made with slow moves. Mixing half sun self tanning lotion and half moisturizer, a more natural effect over the body can be obtained.

Those interesting in using a sun self tanning lotion should know that this will not offer protection from sun. These lotions can be used when exposing to sun only if sunscreen was added in the composition. Even so, the protection is not the maximum, so the utilization of a special sunscreen product might be the best thing to do.

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