Is Botox the Best Answer for Your Wrinkles?

by Kyle Richey

You’ve probably heard of many Hollywood celebrities, both men and women, getting Botox injections for wrinkles. They seem to be the miracle cure, judging by the porcelain smooth skin you so often see on television and in the movies.

The Botox injections have seem to become the latest fad. It seems that everyone, from celebrities to everyday people, is trying these injections. People have been able to see the results that Botox brings and many want to try them. Is Botox really the right answer for wrinkles?

No matter what you do there are always risks involved and having these injections are not without risk. In case you did not know, Botox is made from a poison that has been used in wartime. The method is quite simple. It paralyzes the muscles and you cannot move them.

While Botox used for injecting to rid the face of wrinkles is not as strong, it does paralyze the muscles but only slightly. By using Botox injections for wrinkles the creases and lines are not able to form on the face. Normally, these injections are not given around the eyes or elsewhere that might make you have an abnormal expression on your face.

Besides this, there are many other warnings against getting Botox. People should consider these before deciding to get Botox injections for wrinkles. Recently, there have been warnings that the injections have caused very severe side effects as well as death in some cases.

Perhaps part of this is because while Botox injections for wrinkles were once administered only by a licensed physician or dermatologist, some aestheticians working from beauty salons began to administer these. Most did not have the needed experience or years of schooling that a doctor would when it came to how to properly inject the substance, especially when working with aged skin that wasn’t as firm.

Some were even unlicensed and poorly educated on how to administer Botox injections for wrinkles, treating them as if they were no more complicated than a haircut or other salon treatment.

In the past few years there have even been so-called Botox parties held at a private home where Botox injections for wrinkles were given out like glasses of wine.

The injection of a poison used in warfare should not be administered to anyone by a person who has no idea of what they are doing. Only a physician or dermatologist should be injecting anyone with Botox. Instead of a simple facial or a wrinkle treatment using creams, Botox injections for wrinkles are serious business.

It is very important if you are considering having this procedure done that you contact a doctor or dermatologist who is experienced and licensed. Botox injections for wrinkles can have side effects that can be quite serious. If you are still considering this, think of all the consequences that you may have to deal with. It is quite expensive and while it may reduce the wrinkles on your face, it could have risks that are quite serious.

Understanding the procedure and the risk that it entails, discussing this with your doctor, and looking at the bad as well as the good can you decide if this is what you want or not.

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