Makeup to Hide Acne

Having acne can be very embarrassing and simple things like leaving your house can make you cringe. People with pimples hide social situations and suffer from poor confidence and self esteem. The horrible fact is that acne can take control of peoples lives.

Makeup can really help you overcome a lot of these acne related hurdles. Whether you have a face covered in pimples or just a few zitts, makeup can really give you the confidence to go out. People will even plaster on makeup to the point where it looks ridiculous, but they still prefer that than displaying their pimples.

The major problem that even makeup cant solve is when their is lots of bumps and cysts on your face. It can hide the redness but the texture and roughness cannot be hidden. Trying to bruise or pop pimples can also leave some long term scarring.

When you suffer from mild acne you can practically hide it completely with foundation and concealers. For those with severe acne the best option available today is laser treatment. It is expensive but it’s worth the money for your peace of mind and confidence.

The skin is a very tough organ but some products have so many chemicals they can cause your skin some terrible damage. Be sure to use oil free and non-comedogenic products to be sure you wont be worsening your skin condition, while trying to hide it.

Having Oil-free and non-comedogenic properties are great selling points for skin products so they are easy to find. They allow your pores to breathe which in turn prevents clogging. Oily products clog your pores and really delay the healing process.

Although makeup is not what causes acne, it can contribute to clogging your pores with oil and bacteria. Oil free products are water based and will allow your skin to purge oils from your body.

Makeup products are available today that are solely for covering scars. This makeup is normally very thick, and yet still non-comedogenic. They can be found at most good department stores. I recommend you try out a few products first and go with which seems to work best for your skin type.

People with really oily skin should use a powder or mineral foundation. They help extract oil from your skin which help even up the tone.

People with sensitive skin need to look for products geared directly at sensitive skin types. These are also plentiful on the market today. Look for the sensitive skin products that also help cure acne.

The good news is that your skin is constantly renewing itself, and if you have acne scars, they will most likely get better with time. It just requires some patience and tender loving care. If they don’t go away completely, you can speak to a dermatologist about some options such as laser removal and chemical peels.

Skin care if something that needs careful attention. Many factors such as diet, cosmetics have an effect on your skin. Arm yourself with some knowledge on do’s and dont’s. Hope you enjoyed this article on makeup and acne.

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