Men Skin Care – Many Ways For Men To Take Care Of There Skin

by Tom Beaty

There used to be a time when men did not believe in skin care. Times are changing though and today more men than ever are starting to take care of their skin. Men now have a good selection of face washes and body washes along with other products to help take care of their skin. So you men out there listen up and we will discover together do your skin care.

Men have large pores compared to what women have. Their skin is oilier than women’s skin is too. This creates a situation where men’s skin can actually get dirtier than women’s skin gets and need cleansing. Have to be careful what you use to cleanse your skin though men. You should never use deodorant soap on your facial skin because it can be too harsh. There are some real good facial cleansers to be used instead.

After shaving you men need to cleanse your face with a good face wash. This will unclog pores fully and allow the face to breath. If you don’t mind using a product women have used there are products out there that do actually help minimize pore size. There is really no reason that men can’t use some of the same products women use on their faces as long as they pick according to skin type. Most men just feel more comfortable buying products packaged and made for men. You can purchase organically based face washes too.

Cleansing is not the only thing you need to do to take care of your skin. You need to tone it too. To return the skin to the proper PH you have to use a toner after washing it. There are many different brands of toners in the stores today. You may have try more than one to find the one you like. As with the cleansers you can find one that is naturally based. You will love how your skin feels after giving it a good cleaning and toning.

When you get through with toning you should put on some kind of moisturizer. The best kind of moisturizers for oily skin is the water based ones they are not as heavy. Oily skin does not need heavy moisture creams. Read the ingredient list and find one that contains no alcohol too.

To remove all dead skin cells you need to ex foliate at least once a week. This really makes your skin look clean and bright. This is done between cleaning and toning the skin. You will many products that ex foliate today. Most contain glycol acid because it works best for ex foliating.

For the body there are many different types of body washes you can wash with. These like the facial wash mixtures cleanse better and rinse away better than soap does. The cosmetic industry is now realizing that men need these products specifically designed for them and is bringing out more products all the time.

The need for sunscreen is equal between men and women. A sunburn or skin cancer for that fact does not care what sex you are. Both sexes can get skin damage from too much sun exposure when you do not protect yourself with appropriate sunscreen. Use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 and one that not only protects you from the UVB rays but the more dangerous UVA ones. To correctly use sunscreen remember to reapply during the day. The mouth area needs protection too by applying a lip balm that has the right SPF level in it.

A healthy diet with correct water consumption is also great for the skin. You should not smoke as smoking does make the blood vessels constrict and makes the skin have trouble not only getting oxygen but nutrients too. The intake of alcohol in too much quantity can cause the skin to age also. Take these tips to heart men and practice them and you too can have younger and healthy looking skin.

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