Mineral Makeup Advice To Leave Your Skin Glowing

by Rachel Ray

I’m a cosmetologist and wanted to share my experience and gleanings in experience with natural mineral makeup with you.

Natural mineral makeup has been around a few years, but it seems the average person either hasn’t tried them, and many have never heard about them. Basically, they are various minerals crushed to a very fine powder and used as cosmetics. They are in a powdered type form.

The main properties of mineral makeup are gentleness, long lasting, pure, and many have almost a healing type of action to various skin conditions. Of course you will have to experiment to find which brands are your favorites.

I’m a tough one for cosmetics because I have low thyroid which brings extremely dry and flaky skin to the table. My whole life any brand I try makeup would disappear within 2-3 hours of application, and powders would dry me out even worse and settle into lines and creases making it look even worse. I was very skeptical of mineral makeup and their powder form. What I found however was that the mineral makeup actually stayed on my skin for 12 hours, nothing had ever done that! It also did not dry my skin out at all and looked fresh and light. It was awesome!

As a rosacea sufferer (extreme red flushing among other things), there are brands you can find a green undercover or finishing powder to be used before or after foundation that really hide the redness well. Green cancels red which is why it’s effective.

Whatever brand you go for, here are a few tips for using it. Usually less is better. They are very concentrated, so a little goes a long way. It’s common to use way too much at first. You can always add another light layer on top if you go too light at first.

Invest in some good quality brushes. They make all the difference in the world, be sure to gently wash them regularly.

Apply a light coat of moisturizer about half an hour before applying the makeup. If you’re not happy with the results despite using a small amount with good quality brushes, look to the possibility that you’ve got the wrong shade. In some brands I wore a much darker color than I ever thought possible. Get small sample sizes if possible to try different shades.

Apply all your makeup except mascara & lipstick. Spritz a fine mist of water on your face, then finish your mascara and lipstick. I find this sets the makeup and gives a very fresh, young looking appearance.

Play with the colors and applications. You can use blush colors as eyeshadow. You can also brush on your lips, then apply some gloss over top.

The eye shadows will tend to look shockingly stark when you first apply them. Don’t worry too much about that. After you apply the shadow, take a clean eyeshadow applicator and use it to blend and soften the colors. They will soften right down to the perfect hue in most cases.

Try to pick up samples of different brands to try lots of colors to find your favorites. There can be many good deals to be had. Have fun experimenting with this awesome makeup!

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