Natural Facial Skin Care Can Turn Back The Clock

Natural facial skin care in Hollywood is vital for the actresses and models who want to extend their careers beyond the age of 40. The entertainment industry is constantly searching for health and beauty secrets and they always find them first before the rest of the world know anything about them.

Financial assets are always available in the search for the best possible treatments. For this reason suppliers of new or innovative methods head straight for this Mecca of beauty care as their first stop. Only the best will survive where smart and sophisticated clients demand the highest standards and of course a positive measurable result.

Nothing gets missed in this search for the next breakthrough in natural facial skin care and rumors get around quicker than lightning. Knowledge will be theirs and nothing will stop them in this search.

More drastic methods like injection or surgery are available but most people rotate towards a more natural way of maintaining their appearance and aloe vera is often the preferred choice. This wonderful plant has so many things to offer the human body including remedies for problems in the digestive system, a boost for the immune system and a cure for nasty problems like acne and eczema.

It can work its magic by putting back the clock as an anti aging remedy with its ability for natural wrinkle prevention. The most commonly known use for aloe vera is as a burn remedy. Just cut about 2 inches from the end of a spiky frond from the Barbadensis Miller Aloe Vera plant, slice down the length and then spread the inner green substance over the burn or blister. Relief from pain is instant and the healing process also speeds up.

The problem with using aloe vera for your natural facial skin care is its tendency to lose its power by oxidization. Its contact with air. Lotions and creams containing aloe vera do not have a great deal of their healing potential left by the time they are actually applied. And then of course they are further deteriorated by exposure. So the problem has always been how to retain this power in the conversion from plant to remedy.

There is evidence from Ancient Egypt that aloe vera was commonly used and a great deal of conjecture has been placed on Cleopatra?s use of it as a beauty aid. (She would have been interested in a natural wrinkle prevention!) It was probably ingested but sufficient facts are not available to explain how the laxative effect of the plant could have been removed. Certainly Cleo would not have tolerated a constant state of the runs! However the Egyptian knowledge of herbal medicine was so extensive that there can be no doubt that a means would have existed.

Fast forward 3000 years and modern pharmaceuticals have given the problem their attention and the rumor is that the full 100 percent power of this plant has been captured in a pill. These are the whispers in Hollywood and only now is the secret beginning to leak out. Why they kept it to themselves for such a long time nobody knows. Aloe vera has had a strong presence in the cosmetics world for many years but now natural facial skin care can extend lasting pliant softness long into life.

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