Review of DermAware Barrier Gel-Anti-Aging

by Alia Jae

DermAware has found a new way to slow down the signs of aging. You really don’t hear too much about anti-aging products main ingredient being Vitamin E. Vitamin E in this formula is said to help renew, restore and rejuvenate skin.

Well, the bummer about DermAware is that Vitamin E seems to be the only ingredient they mention. I really don’t know what their other ingredients are. There is now way that their product only consists of Vitamin E.

DermAware is very proud of the fact that they use the mighty antioxidant Vitamin E as their main ingredient. However, many tests have been done on Vitamin E and it is just not powerful enough to use topically. All antioxidants perform the best when they are ingested. The list price of DermAware Barrier is a little high in my opinion. This product costs around $54.00. That is a little expensive if all I can verify about is that it has Vitamin E that will have very little effect on my skin.

If this product is truly an anti aging product then it should have Matrixyl 3000, this ingredient is advanced and helps to promote collagen re-growth. If products really want to be successful at reducing wrinkles then they really should always have this ingredient as one of their main ingredients.

This product does not move me or excite me in any way at all. I think that it is just an average product, maybe even lower than average. If Vitamin E is truly the main “active” ingredient, this is probably a very ineffective product. DermAware lacks some of the properties that make a product worth it!

The positives are that you can shop online and have this product delivered right to your door. DermaAware does contain Vitamin E which is good for moisturizing skin.

The negatives are that the product does not seem to be very effective, especially since I cannot verify what the other ingredients are. The price is unfairly too high. I don’t know why they think it is justifiable to charge so much when the product is seriously lacking! As of now there is no refund policy and no clear way to get a hold of customer service!

I would say this product is a no no. Don’t pay $54.00 for some cream unless you know it has superior ingredients. You also want to buy from a company you know you can get a hold and talk to if you have any questions or concerns.

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