Review of Dermesse Vitamin C Serum

by Alia Jae

Here is another anti-aging serum people! I am just amazed at how many there are on the market and how many claims we must read through and examine to get to the truth before we waste our money again!

So what is the deal with this Dermesse Vitamin C Serum? Well as you already noticed this formula is based on Vitamin C. Their claim is that Vitamin C will reduce wrinkles, promote moisture retention and improve your skins elasticity.

This product is recommended for daily use, so I guess it’s a product that is not powerful enough to irritate your skin if you use it on a daily basis. Vitamin C is an antioxidant. All antioxidants perform best if you take it as a pill or a juice of some sort. However, when you use an antioxidant on your skin it just does not have that same effect topically. It seems to just loose its fervency if used outside the body. Since Vitamin C can be kind of acidic it might be an irritant to some people.

Well, that is really all I know about the ingredients present in this product. The company did not do a good job of listing what their other ingredients are. I mean we all know that there is no way the product can just contain only Vitamin C.

The positives of this product are that it is competitively priced; it’s not priced at some ridiculous price. We know that it contains Vitamin C and is easy to order online. I also think there are some other antioxidants present, but I don’t really have enough information on that to really go much deeper in to that.

The negatives are that there is no refund policy! I love it when companies have money back guarantees; it shows that they are confident in their product. If a company does not have some kind of return policy or money back guaranteed it makes me think they are not confident in their product and that they are just trying to make a buck! The last two negatives are that they don’t contain Matrixyl 3000 or Argireline which promotes collagen production.

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