Secrets Of The Best Self-Tanner Tanning Cream Face Treatment

There are numerous kinds of sunless tanning creams in the market. With these products, one can smooth, spray or swipe on a deep, dark tan or a light bronze glow. A majority of the products take about forty-five minutes for effects to take place. However, they may take as much as 3 hours to dry up. When searching for an appropriate Sunless Tanning Cream Face product, care and caution should be paramount. [youtube:cEOxVHPr1So;[link:spray tans, airbrush suntan, best self tanners];]

Products with the key ingredient as dihydroxyacetone are highly recommended by the American Academy of Dermatology. Studies have shown that they have a very high efficiency rate. They are also do not damage the skin. Dihydroxyacetone is a sugar that acts on dead cell, which lie on the epidermis, in a layer known as corneum.

As the reaction starts, the skin starts to brown. The effect can only last for about seven days. It is, therefore recommended that a reapplication be done after about three days. The tan will thus stay in place as the skin sheds off its old and dead cells.[I:]

There are also creams or pills known as tanning accelerators. The amino acid tyrosine is the active ingredients in these products. Manufacturers claim these products to be equally effective. However, before buying any product, it is recommended that you confirm the producer, as there may be fakes.

Tyrosine is believed to have the inherent ability of stimulating and driving up melanin processing. Consequently, they accelerate the skin browning process. However, these are claims that have not yet been proven by any scientific evidence.

One should not assume that these products are also meant to protect the skin from harmful radiation such as UVB and UAV. Those that can offer such protection are normally supplemented with a sunscreen. There are several options to rely one when selecting a Sunless Tanning Cream Face treatment. However, your health should be of utmost consideration.

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