Selecting The Most Suitable Dry Skin Face Remedies

Along with being irritating and unsightly, xerosis, which is the technical term for dry facial skin, can cause fine lines and premature wrinkles. This is why it is important for individuals to discover the most appropriate dry skin face remedies so that they can keep as much moisture as possible trapped within their pores. However, to select the best treatment, consumers should first try to determine the underlying cause of the dryness.

Sometimes xerosis is caused by dehydration, and this is one of the easiest problems to fix. All one must do is consume an adequate amount of water each day. Experts recommend consuming 10, eight ounce glasses on a daily basis.

A lack of vitamin E can also cause facial dryness. Fortunately, moisturizers are available that are rich in vitamin E. A person can select a cream that contains this ingredient or opt for a pure vitamin E oil. The latter is a good choice for excessively dry skin. The best time to apply such ointments is prior to retiring for the night.

The heating system in one’s home may be the culprit regarding his or her xerosis. For instance, dwellings that contain very low levels of moisture often create an environment that will dry out one’s skin. This is especially true during cold seasons. The best option for those who suspect that this is the source of their problem is to invest in a humidifier.

Changing one’s showering habits is sometimes a simple solution for xerosis that often produces excellent results immediately. Numerous individuals prefer long, hot showers. However, such activity is a recipe for dry facial skin. Although most people would agree that cool showers are not as enjoyable as warm showers, the former are recommended for individuals who want to prevent facial dryness.

Avoiding makeup that contains fragrance is also wise. Products made with perfumes or heavy oils will only make problems with dryness worse. In addition, it is a good idea to apply only a light coat of makeup in order to allow one’s pores to breathe. Makeup containing alcohol should also be avoided, as such products have a very drying effect.

Lactic acid is frequently prescribed for xerosis as well, and is regarded by certain individuals as the most effective treatment for facial dryness. Numerous products can be found that contain this ingredients, from gels and ointments to simple creams. Products of this type should be applied immediately after showering while the individual’s pores are open. This ensures that the lactic acid will be locked into the person’s pores, therefore enhancing the moisturizing effect.

Most people who have experienced xerosis will find one or more of the aforementioned dry skin face remedies helpful. However, if one develops keratosis, eczema or another serious skin condition, professional evaluation and treatment by a dermatologist may be necessary. Additionally, xerosis may also be the result of an underlying health disorder, such as an underactive thyroid. If one suspects that this might be the case, or if the problem has occurred suddenly even though the person’s environment, water intake, and diet have remained consistent, he or she should seek the advice of a medical doctor.

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