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Every person’s skin ages differently. It has to do with a person’s genetics. If you had oily skin as a teenager, suffering with acne, usually you will have pretty healthy and glowing skin into your middle age years, unless that acne turned into scars in your youth. Most people with clear skin as teenagers most likely suffer with dry or sensitive skin as they age. the bottom line is this. You need to be aware of the chemicals in skincare products that can help you or cause even more problems.

There is hope for your problem skin. Before you set a dermatologist appointment you might want to research different chemicals used in the popular skin care products and see if these can help you improve your skin condition. There could be free samples or low cost skin care creams and lotions on the counter that will be good for your skin maintenance without seeing a doctor ro additional help. You can read about he helpful chemicals below.

AHAs- Alpha-hydroxyl acids work to help prevent signs of aging. These chemicals help lessen the thin lines that form on the skin and can make age spots seem invisible to the naked eye. You will find this chemical in numerous skincare products like your foundation and eye creams.

Salicylic Acid. This is a chemical found in face creams and sunscreens and is used to exfoliate skin and release oil. You will find this chemical used in acne medicine. However, it has also been found to reverse aging affects of skin that has been overexposed to the sun.

Hydroquinone– This chemical is used to lighten your skin and combat age spots or stretch marks that may occur from pregnancy or other hormonal treatments which cause discoloration on the skin. Some people may develop rashes or other allergies from the use of hydroquinone and can use kojic acid as a substitute when applying their chosen skincare product.

Retinol–You probably have heard a lot about this chemical used in skincare products. It’s a derivative form of Vitamin A. Retinol is used in a wide array of skin care products and is probably one of the most popular elements in skin care. It has been found to improve skin discoloration, help remove lines and wrinkles, improve your overall skin texture, lighten your skin tone color giving you a healthy glow, and rehydrate it as well. If you are looking for a very versatile skin care chemical, retinol is the best answer.

Where to buy products online? You can find products with these helpful chemicals for your skin type in different places online and I have just the place for you to get the best deal for your skin type. Also, these chemicals are usually found in your ‘natural products,’ as well.

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