Spy Sunglasses Are Now Accessible to Common People

Spy Sunglasses Are Now Accessible to Common People

Just think of this people having their personal hidden spy cameras; however they are not private detective or some kind of spy above all they have nothing to do with any type of spying business. Common people wearing a wristwatch with a covert spy camera hidden inside and no one even makes out why. It certainly looks as if it would be cool to have one of those doesn’t it?
Perhaps it’s time for you to get one as well. Nowadays there are a number of situations where a colleague or fellow citizen does something that isn’t appropriate. Maybe your children play with a neighbor’s child your neighbor is a doubtful character. Perhaps you don’t require one for a crisis; you simply have fervor for electronic items and other different smart devices and playthings.

At present, you can buy a range of hidden spy cameras and several of them nowadays have a totally self-contained Women Sunglasses or digital video recorder within. These hidden spy cameras with built-in DVR come in many form factor like a few are shaped in to an alarm clock, wall clock, air freshener, flower vase, picture frame, mirrors and a few “body worn” type like neck tie, cigarette lighter, car key, pens, sunglasses and wristwatches.

The built-in DVR will record video as well as audio footage and can afterward be plugged into a PC using the USB port, and subsequently you can look at the video, download it to PC’s hard drive, or anything else you would like to do with it. The majority of these mini hidden spy cameras have a rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery (like the one you see in your mobile phones) inside that recharges as soon as the unit is plugged into the PC.

The spy wristwatch that is the most popular these days does not require extra software to see the video however you will require an MPEG-4 player for instance the most recent edition of windows media player or the VLC player. The spy watch DVR is compatible with Windows 98/ME/2000/2003/ XP/VISTA and Linux operating systems.

Video is recorded in AVI format whereas still images are captured in JPG, with no conversion required. Simply double click or drag and drop the file to see the video in windows media player or VLC player. It’s incredible what modern technology can perform for us and the good thing is it is a full color camera with high quality images and nothing less! Just imagine a small hidden color camera inside a watch, unbelievable!

For less than $150 you can now have your own spy watch with a hidden spy camera available in the market. To know more on this truly smart gift for you or someone else just click on the links provided below and take a look at! It is a wonderful online web portal where you will come across quite a few amazing hidden spy cameras, and other smart surveillance Mens Sunglasses personal security gadgets. At present it certainly isn’t safe out there and it definitely pays to take safety precautions rather than regret later on.

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